Quiénes somos

Junta Directiva


Ron Lameman

Presidente de la Junta Directiva del CITI


Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Alberta Canada, Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations

Suplente: Counselor Brian Lee, Ermineskin Cree Nation


Hinewirangi Kohu

Vice President


Maori Nation, Aotearoa (New Zealand); Te Whanua o te Rau Aroha, Maori Women’s Resource Center; Lead Coordinator for Movement Rights delegations to Aotearoa

Suplente: Tui Shortland, Te Kopu, Pacific Indigenous and Local Knowledge Centre of Distinction


Tai Pelli

Secretary and Treasurer


Borikén Taíno Nation, Guainía Tribe; United Confederation of Taíno People

Suplente: Roberto Múkaro Agueibaná Borrero


Maria Celestina Balan

Centro de Proyectos para el Desarrollo Integral Indígena (CEPRODI)
Afiliación: Maya Kaqchikel, Guatemala

Suplente: Francisco Cali Tzay

Radley Davis

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Pit River Nation, California

Suplente: Mickey Gemmill Jr.

Rodney Factor

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Seminole Nation, Oklahoma; Former Band Chief, Seminole Nation, Seminole Sovereignty Protection Initiative

Suplente: Jacquelynn Warledo

Leonard Foster

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Dine’ Nation; Native American Prisoners’ Rights Coalition, Arizona

Suplente: Dwayne “Chili” Yazzie, President, Shiprock Chapter, Navajo Nation, traditional Dineh farmers

William A. Means

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Oglala Lakota Nation, Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye, Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Suplente: Open

Faith Gemmill

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Venetie Tribal Government, Gwich’in Athabascan Nation, Alaska

Suplente: Venetie Tribal Chief Julian Roberts

Lisa Bellanger

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: White Earth Anishnabe Nation, Three Fires Society, Manitoba Canada

Suplente: Rainey Gaywish, Ojibway

Pu’uhonoa “Bumpy” Kanahele

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Hawaiian Nation; Spokesperson and Head of State, Sovereign Nation State of Hawaii

Suplente: Brandon Makaawaawa

Saul Vicente Vásquez

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Zapoteca, Oaxaca México; IITC Board Secretary; Unidad de la Fuerza Indígena y Campesina (UFIC)

Suplente: Rocío Miranda Pérez

Yamilka Hernandez

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Kuna Nation, Panama; Movimiento Juventud, Kuna/Kuna Youth Movement

Suplente: Taina Hedman

Juan Gregorio Jaime Leon

Miembro de la Junta Directiva del CITI
Afiliación: Yaqui Traditional Authorities, Rio Yaqui Sonora Mexico/Autoridades Tradicionales Yaquis, Rio Yaqui Sonora Mexico

Suplente: Open

Rigoberta Menchu Tum

Honorary Board Member, Nobel Laureate

El personal


Andrea Carmen

Andrea Carmen

IITC Executive Director
Afiliación: Yaqui Nation, Tucson, AZ
Rochelle Diver

Rochelle Diver

UN Environmental Treaties Coordinator
Afiliación: Fond du Lac, Anishnabe Nation, Minnesota
Janeen Antoine

Janeen Antoine

IITC San Francisco Office Manager
Afiliación: Sicangu (Rosebud), Lakota
Armando Alvarez

Armando Alvarez

Fiscal and Administrative Coordinator
Afiliación: Yaqui Nation
Amy Juan

Amy Juan

Arizona Tribal and Community Liaison
Afiliación: Tohono O’odham Nation, Arizona
Morning Star Gali

Morning Star Gali

California Tribal and Community Liaison
Afiliación: Pit River Tribe
Summer Blaze Aubrey

Summer Blaze Aubrey

Staff Human Rights Attorney
Afiliación: Cherokee Nation
Anpo Jensen

Anpo Jensen

Environmental Health Research Specialist
Afiliación: Oglala Lakota
Sewa office (2)

Sewa Carmen

Tucson Office Administrative Assistant
Afiliación: Chickaloon Village Athabascan and Yaqui Nation

Program Consultants

June Lorenzo

June Lorenzo

IITC Legal Counsel
Afiliación: Laguna Pueblo/Dine Nation, New Mexico
Saul Vicente Vasquez

Saul Vicente Vasquez

Food Sovereignty Program Coordinator
Afiliación: Zapoteca, Oaxaca Mexico
Roberto Borrero

Roberto Borrero

Communications Program Coordinator
Afiliación: Taino
Francisco Villegas

Francisco Villegas

Afiliación: Yaqui Nation, Vicam Pueblo, Sonora Mexico
Juan Leon Alvarado

Juan Leon Alvarado

Human Rights and Bio-Diversity Consultant
Afiliación: Mayan Quiche
Dionicio Canahui

Dionicio Canahui

Guatemala Office Manager
Afiliación: Mayan Kʼicheʼ
Tushka Hill

Tushka Hill

Oklahoma Tribal and Community Liaison
Afiliación: Apache/Choctaw Nations, Oklahoma
Angel Valencia

Angel Valencia

Environmental Health/Pesticides Program Advisor
Afiliación: Yaqui Nation, Arizona
Jorge Mani Stanley

Jorge Mani Stanley

Food Sovereignty Program Consultant
Afiliación: Kuna Nation, Panama
Nicole Yanes

Nicole Yanes

Food Sovereignty Program Consultant
Afiliación: Opata Nation
Tui Shortland

Tui Shortland

Food Sovereignty Consultant
Afiliación: Maori, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Staff (Employees)

  1. Andrea Carmen, Yaqui Nation, Tucson, Arizona:  IITC Executive Director
  2. Rochelle Diver, Fond du Lac, Anishnabe Nation, Minnesota:  Environmental Health Program Coordinator
  3. Janeen Antoine, Sicangu (Rosebud), Lakota: IITC San Francisco Office Manager
  4. Armando Alvarez, Yaqui Nation: IITC Tucson Office Manager
  5. Chris Honahnie, Hopi, Food Sovereignty Program Co-Coordinator
  6. Amy Juan, Tohono O’odham Nation, Arizona: Arizona Tribal and Community Liaison
  7. Morning Star Gali, Pit River Tribe: California Community Liaison
  8. Summer Blaze Aubrey, Cherokee Nation:  Staff Human Rights Attorney

Program Consultants

  1. June Lorenzo, Laguna Pueblo/Dine Nation, New Mexico: IITC Legal Counsel
  2. Saul Vicente Vasquez, Zapoteca, Oaxaca Mexico: Food Sovereignty Program Coordinator
  3. Roberto Borrero, Taino: Communications Program Coordinator
  4. Francisco Villegas, Yaqui Nation, Vicam Pueblo, Sonora Mexico: Environmental
  5. Juan Leon Alvarado, Mayan Quiche: Human Rights and Bio-Diversity Consultant
  6. Dionicio Canahui, Mayan Kʼicheʼ: Guatemala Office Manager
  7. Anpo Jensen, Oglala Lakota: Environmental Health Program Consultant
  8. Tushka Hill, Apache/Choctaw Nations, Oklahoma: Oklahoma Tribal and Community Liaison
  9. Angel Valencia, Yaqui Nation, Arizona: Environmental Health/Pesticides Program Advisor
  10. Jorge Mani Stanley, Kuna Nation, Panama: Food Sovereignty Program Consultant
  11. Anaru Fraser, Maori, Aotearoa (New Zealand): Food Sovereignty Program Consultant
  12. Nicole Yanez, Opata Nation: Food Sovereignty Program Consultant
  13. Tui Shortland, Maori, Aotearoa (New Zealand): Food Sovereignty Consultant

Professional Service Consultants (contracted non-representational positions)

  1. Earth Web Technologies/ Intoclicks, Web Page/technical support
  2. Miriam Frank, Development Consultant
  3. Sherri Flying Hawk, California Accountant (Kapalahike Accounting)
  4. Karen Foster and Company: CPA/Auditor, Wasilla Alaska
  5. Michael Solomon/CPA Bookkeeper
  6. Rebecca Knight, James Clark and Daniel Tamayo: Translation/Interpretation  

En memoria

IITC recognizes all those whose strength of spirit and hard work built this organization and advanced the cause we believe in.  We want to especially honor the IITC founders, Board members, staff and representatives who have left this world.  Their words and their examples of struggle, achievement and love for the Peoples will continue to guide and inspire us.

Bill Wahpepah
Sac and Fox/Kickapoo Nations
Phillip Deere
Muskogee Creek Nation
Frank Fools Crow
Oglala Lakota Nation
Mathew King
Oglala Lakota Nation
Russell Means
Oglala Lakota Nation
Ingrid Washinawatok
Menominee Nation
Kawaipuna Prejean
Nation of Hawaii
Ed Burnstick
Paul Nakota Cree Nation
James Main Sr.
White Clay (Gros Ventre) Nation
Mickey Gemmill Sr.
Pit River/Wintu Nations
Greg Zephier
Yankton Sioux (Ihanktowan Nakota) Nation
Floyd Westerman
Dakota Nation
Kee Watchman
Diné Nation
Mariano Ochoa
Yaqui Nation, Torim Pueblo, Rio Yaqui, Mexico
Roberta Blackgoat
Diné Nation
Patricia Bellanger
Anishinabe Nation
David and Myra Sohappy
Yakima Nation
Jacquelynn 'Jackie' Warledo
Seminole Nation
Chris Honahnie
Hopi and Diné Nations

We thank them… and many more.

“Our word is sacred to us and so are these Treaties. The US government came to us, not the other way around. They asked us to lay down our arms and to live in peace and friendship with them in perpetuity. They said they would respect our traditional land rights in return. We have held up our end of the bargain. When can we expect the same from them?”

~ James Main Sr., IITC Board member – Gros Ventre (White Clay) Nation, Montana

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