Guiding Principles

In carrying out IITC’s mission and objectives, all aspects of the work of the IITC as well as the actions of its leadership, staff and representatives will be guided by the following principles.

  1. The IITC will reflect and support the values inherent in Traditional Indigenous cultures, including respect for the sacredness of all life and our Mother Earth, the wisdom of our elders, and the power of our traditional teachings and spiritual practices.
  2. The IITC recognizes that while sharing much in common, each Indigenous culture is also unique and each struggle reflects diverse historical conditions.  Therefore in keeping with the principles of self-determination, the IITC respects the right of each member Nation, community and organization to define and pursue the objectives and strategies best suited to its specific situation, history and culture.
  3. The IITC respects and seeks the participation of both men and women in all aspects and levels of the organizations.
  4. The IITC will continue to seek the advice of our traditional elders and spiritual leaders, and will make efforts to increase the participation and develop the leadership of Indigenous youth.
  5. The IITC believes that Indigenous Peoples should speak for and represent themselves before the world community.
  6. The IITC believes in the consensus process as the means to building unity, based on mutual understanding and shared commitment, and will employ this process in its proceedings whenever possible.
  7. The IITC expects that its representatives, staff and leadership will demonstrate the highest level of respect and regard in their interactions with one another, and will resolve any difficulties or disagreements that may arise according to agreed upon internal procedures.
  8. The IITC expects that its staff, Board members and representatives will conduct themselves in accordance with the above principles as well as the highest level of accountability, diplomacy and ethical standards, and will keep the best interests of the IITC and the Peoples it represents foremost while representing the IITC in any capacity.

If you have any questions, please let us know.