New Annex:

“Gold, Greed and Genocide, 20 Years Later:  The Struggle for Truth in History and Healing in California Continues”.
(this new Gold, Greed and Genocide video annex and new Study Guide will be available to download by December 15, 2019)

Educational resources about the California Gold Rush and its impacts on California Indigenous Peoples and Environment 

  1. UNDRIP Teachers Guide has Curriculum and Links,
  2. A video on Enslaved Native Americans Who Made The Gold Rush Possible,
  3. Indian Horse Feature Film and Learning Modules,
  4. 7 Essential Understandings for California Indian History and Culture,
  5. Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians,…/05Early_CA_Laws_Polices_CA_Indians.pdf
  6. California Indian History Curriculum Coalition Curriculum and Lesson Plans,
  7. California Indian History website makes available online, in one place, primary sources from various archival and historical collections and educational resources,
  8. California Indian Tribal Homelands and Trust Land Map,
  9. California Cultures: Native Americans – Calisphere, › exhibitions › native-americans
  10. Native American Curriculum Catalog, KTJUSD Indian Education Program – Cultural Curriculum, › documents › Indian Ed › Native American.
  11. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous Adolescents,
  12. A Teacher’s Guide to Historical and Contemporary Kumeyaay, › docs › pubs › KumeyaayGuide
  13. A virtual memorial to all the California Indians who died in the many years genocide,
  14. Native STAND (=Students Together Against Negative Decisions)is a peer education curriculum for healthy decision making for Native youth.
  15. The Winnemem Wintu Tribe and the Sacred Land Film Project are pleased to offer you this lesson guide for the Run4Salmon, tailored to a 4th grade learning level.