January 14, 2015

United States of America Department of State c/o NAP-RBC@state.gov

cc:   Lynn Sicade, Deputy Director and Senior Advisor, DRL/MLGA, SicadeLM@state.gov

Alan Krill, Foreign Affairs Officer on the Business and Human Rights team, KrillA@state.gov

Re: Initial written submission for the US National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

Respectful Greetings,

Please find enclosed the initial submission by the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) for the development of the United States of America National Action Plan (US NAP) on Business and Human Rights.

This submission highlights relevant concerns expressed jointly by IITC and over 60 other Indigenous organizations, federally-recognized Tribal governments, Treaty Councils and traditional societies in reports presented to two United Nations Treaty bodies for their review of the US carried out in 2014.

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