Indigenous Peoples Day IITC Press Release

For Immediate Release: October 9, 2018
Contact: Roberto Borrero, [email protected], 917-334-5658

San Francisco Proclaims October 8th as Indigenous Peoples Day

San Francisco, California:  On October 8, 2018, during a celebration coordinated by the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) in Yerba Buena Gardens, Mayor London Breed accompanied by Board of Supervisors Vallie Brown and Malia Cohen delivered a Proclamation stating that the City and County of San Francisco would no longer recognize “Columbus Day” and would instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. San Francisco joins 93 other US cities, as well as South Dakota, Alaska, Minnesota and Vermont in making this change as called for by Indigenous Peoples to uphold truth in history and recognize the atrocities they have survived as a result of colonization.

The Proclamation affirms that “San Francisco is committed to being a city for all people and to standing against discrimination of all kinds. Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day ensures we acknowledge and honor the original inhabitants of our country who are still here and working to support their communities.”

Read Full Press Release here: Indigenous Peoples Day IITC Press Release


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